I’ve always been fond of unique finds. It excites me whenever I see something cool that reflects my personality. Likewise, I also get super giddy whenever I receive something of the kind.It’s because for me, purchases are more than purchases.  They can be a form of expression or a mirror of the life that I live.

One of the great things that I have discovered lately is K&K Personal Store (K&K).  Owned by Kat De Guzman, K&K sells customized items that are perfect for gifts (weddings, baptisms, etc.) as well as personal purchases. You can even use them as centerpieces for these special occasions!

Right now they are selling frames of different variants: Littera, Littera-II, Apellido, Numero, and Retrato. The frames have a clean, and minimalist look and feel, but at the same time, really creatively done! I particularly like how Retrato captures the personality and character of a person/s. The Littera variants, on the other hand, are three dimensional—made of wood, cloth, and glass. So cool. ❤ ❤ ❤

K&K came together last September 2015 out of Kat De Guzman’s (Kat) sheer love for meaningful gift and personal items owned and given by people. Kat wholeheartedly believes in loving and celebrating life and the people we live it with, and letting this show in the things that surround us. Growing up surrounded by close friends and family, Kat developed and imbibed an attachment to people and to the moments that she experienced.


For me, a gift is something more than a purchase. It is something that celebrates lifeand the relationships between people. K&K came about after realizing that there is a need for unique and special gifts for all occasions. Unique in a sense that each family would have a different interpretation or appreciation of their personalized gift,” Kat explains.

K&K Personal Store was born of Kat’s (owner) love for personalized gift and home items. A relationship between or among people is something to celebrate. It’s somethingK&K wanted to center on, whether it be something to be given or something to be personally owned.  Follow K&K on Facebook at facebook.com/knkpersonalstore at Instagram at @knkpersonal store.

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Kat De Guzman

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