Thoughts on La La Land

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of musicals. This one easily makes it to one of my favorite ones.

La La Land took me to the land of dreams, both realized and broken.At what cost are dreams really worth? Are dreams just that—dreams? At what point does a dream become a fantasy?

This were some of the things that hit me when watching the film.

The music and cinematography were larger than life. The acting was both genuine and moving. The colors were magic.It was like being taken to another world where everyone as fashionable, sang on-key, and danced well.What a flawless production it was!

The movie was achingly brilliant. Real despite all its glitz and surrealism.It moved me to pieces the entire time with the actors’ emotions being honest, logical, and consistent the entire time.

I remembered what it was like to be a kid with a dream. The remembered what it was like to hope and to believe in the possibility of it coming true.

Golden globes well deserved!

⭐⭐⭐⭐.5/ 5



You’ll be up and about with elcafe


It’s no secret that I’m a coffee drinker. Being both a blogger and freelance writer is hard work. I constantly need to think of new ideas to offer. I constantly need to deliver.

It’s a good thing that I love to write! It’s my love for writing that gets me going whenever deadlines are though and my mind and body are tired.

That and A LOT of coffee. haha! 🙂

Recently I tried a new brand of coffee by the company Elken named elcafe.

It’s a premium quality 5-in-1 coffee with Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extract made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and non-dairy creamer.


The coffee is slightly more bitter than the regular coffee that I take. What I can say about this coffee, however, is that it does give you energy. I got me through the Christmas season when I was doing a ton of writing while at the same time, helping with the family business.

Right now, you can order through Elken from a seller, as they do direct selling with their products.


More about Elken: 

After a year ago of arrival in the Philippines, the newest leading Malaysian direct selling company Elken has continuously roll out its goal – to provide world-class quality products with holistic approach in health, beauty, well-being, and business opportunities not just for Asian country citizens but now specifically to all Filipinos.

“We want to let Filipinos know that we are here to unify them in our common cause to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives through the wonders of Elken products. We are looking after the stories on how Elken products change people’s lives,” said David Wong, General Manager of Elken International Philippines, Co. Ltd., during their maiden bloggers conference last November 29.

True to its philosophy “Builds you to Building Others”, Elken started its humble beginning in 1995 from a space that measured less than 25,000 square feet sharing the vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people to create opportunities of a positive life transformation. From then, Elken expanded with over 500 unique wellness offerings in cosmetics, personal care, wellness, food and beverage, and home care and over 1.8 billion audience across 11 asian countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and now Philippines. 

Wong also shared that total wellness should begin with comprehensive nutrition that can be found with Elken’s four interesting product line-up to its portfolio for Filipinos. 

Contact details: 

To know more about Elken Philippines, please visit or watch them on YouTube via iElken Global channel ( You may like their Facebook page via to get latest updates.

For immediate inquiries, please contact (02) 535 22 66 to get in touch directly.





Engage in new adventures through the pages of the all-new Explore Philippines

Explore, explore, explore and live life! I enjoyed reading Explore Philippine’s feature on Siargao featuring Rhian Ramos. The pictures (by Jake Verzosa) and article ( by EIC France Pinzon) were beautifully composed. In the article, Rhian expressed her surprise when she saw how raw and untainted Siargao was—and it definitely translates to every image taken. 

Recently, I got to attend the launch party of Explore Philippines, a quarterly in-flight as well as retail magazine. What makes Explore  Philippines unique from the other travel magazines is that its focus is travelling within the Philippines. Not only that. True to its name, the people behind the magazine make it a point to discover as much as they can. They go beyond the usual tourist spots and really, well, explore. This is not only good for the avid adventurer, but also for the locals who can earn from the tourism in their area.The well-attended launch was held at the events place of Century Mall, Makati, and was graced by two of their cover girls, Rhian Ramos and Janine Gutierrez.

During the event, December cover girl, Rhian Ramos was called up onstage and interviewed about her experience in Siargao, Surigao del Norte  (known as the surfing capital of the Philippines) and the actress was all praises.

I enjoyed reading the magazine’s  Siargao X Rhian Ramos spread. The pictures (by Jake Verzosa) and article ( by EIC France Pinzon) were beautifully composed. In the article, Rhian expressed her surprise when she saw how raw and untainted Siargao was—and it definitely translates to every image taken.

Rhian Ramos interviewed by EIC France Pinzon. 

The Explore Philippines people also took the stage as they enthusiastically introduced the revamped magazine.

Publisher Christina Po
Managing Editor Alyssa Lapid
EIC France Pinzon 
Explore PH team + host , Juilian Rodriguez

I’m excited to follow Explore Philippine’s adventures for 2017. I’m sure the team behind the magazine has a lot of ideas up  their sleeve.


Grabbing some grub from from event food sponsors like Thirsty Turtle, Chillout Cooks,and  Johann’s Cuisine
Yummy friend pizza courtesy of @chilloutcooks.  
Also got a refreshing melon smoothie from @thirstyturtleph
with Janine Gutierrez
Yup! I’m a badass.  😛
With Rhian Ramos

Visit BAO on the block for an Asian street party in your mouth

Recently, I’ve had a chance to try an interesting take on Asian cuisine at Bao “on the block”.  The thing about their menu is that although it is dominantly  Chinese-based, the people behind this awesome food spot put their brains together and fused hints of other asian cuisines  namely Japanese, Korean, and Filipino.


Here is copy of the menu that I got from their Facebook page.

<look how creative their Bao Special’s names are! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


Particularly interesting (and addicting!) was their fish wasabi, which makes the dish subtly hot, but not to the point of distracting you from enjoying the meal. It’s available both as a Bao and a rice bowl. I think it was a good decision to include rice, since we, Filipinos, will always be on the lookout for rice.

Both made me feel like I was eating a giant sushi so,” yay!”, for that!


Fish Wasabi—Rice Bowl. 
Fish Bao with You


Also, their Deep Friend Ice Cream Bao  is winner! 🙂 Crunchy meets creamy is always a good idea 🙂 Maybe in the future they can even do the ice cream themselves…and explore different flavors!. That would make the dish even more interesting.

Deep Fried Ice Cream Bao


My only comment is that I wish the food were less oily. I’m a fan of crispy fried food, but without the excess oil.

To go straight to the point, their menu is comfort street food—casual and addicting. Their are different types of food, and I’m happy for share that for me, this hangout has found a deserving spot in the comfort street food we crave for after long day’s a work.

Operating hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call 0995 783 9797
Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Explore Travel Spead Media 2-day Event happening Nov. 25-26 at Century City Mall

Who doesn’t love to travel? I certainly do. Travelling broadens the mind and enriches the soul. Of course, there are also the memories that we make on our travels.


Sadly, I haven’t traveled the Philippines as much as I have wanted to.

The media launch of the: 2nd anniversary and the unveiling of the revamped quarterly travel magazine, Explore Philippines, was an eye opener on just how passionate some people are on travelling our native land. The event was held at Mango Tree Bonifacio Global City, a charming Thai restaurant with its other branches located at Greenbelt 3 and TriNoma.


Yummy Thai food at the event. 

It was a fun-filled media launch wherein they introduced some of the speakers who would talk during their actual launch to the public happening on Nov. 25 and Nov. 26. The event will be held at the events place of Century City Mall located at the 4th floor.

The event is free! Yay. Plus, if you check the talks and activities that are going to happen you’ll see that its really worth the visit.

The media launch was graced by different professionals in the travel industry as well as travel  enthusiast including contributor/travel & food writer Paul Catiang (Puzzled Owl); April Cuenca (Tripkada); and AG Saño (Dakila PH).

Aside from that the Explore Philippines team made their passion for travel heard by delivering inspiring words for the media and the other event guests.

Explore Philippines Publisher, Cristina Po
Explore Philippines Managing Editor, Alyssa Lapid
Explore Philippines EIC, Francine Pinzon

What makes Explore  Philippines unique from the other travel magazines is that its focus is travelling within the Philippines. Not only that. True to its name, the people behind the magazine make it a point to discover as much as they can. They go beyond the usual tourist spots and really, well, explore. This is not only good for the avid adventurer, but also for the locals who can earn from the tourism in their area.


Won’t you come explore with us on Nov. 25 and 26? See you there!


About the Travel Spread event c/o Meow Pow Marketing: 

Explore Philippines Magazine is proud to present Travel Spread: Exploring the Philippines One Page at a Time. Travel Spread is a celebration of Explore Philippines Magazine’s second year anniversary and a preview of what’s to come for the brand.

The event will also bring to life the pages of Explore Philippines Magazine and through an innovative display of the best pictures, videos, and quotes from our contributors since our first issue launched in October 2014.

To further foster a community of local travelers, we will be hosting a Travel Forum from November 25-26, 2016 in the same venue, highlighting discussions on exciting trends in travel and media today, including travel writing and photography, eco-tourism, and technology’s impact on local travel.

November 25-26, 2016, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Travel Forum & Digital Exhibit)

November 25, 2016, 11:00 AM – Volun-tourism, Mr. Raf Dionisio

2:00 PM – Marine Conservation, Mr. AG Sano

4:00 PM – Local tourism, Ms. April Cuenca

November 26, 2016 11:00 AM – Travel and Food Writing, Mr. Paul Catiang

2:00 PM – Life Behind the Scenes: Explore Philippines Magazine

4:00 PM – Travel Photography, Mr. Angelo Mendoza

About our Speakers:

Mr. Raf Dionisio, Co- founder of MAD Travel and The Circle Hostel

Mr. AG Saño, Marine, Peace, and Climate Change Advocate

Ms. April Cuenca, Founder and CEO of

Mr. Paul Catiang, Writer of Puzzled Owl

Ms. France Pinzon, Editor in Chief, Explore Philippines Magazine

Mr. Angelo Mendoza, Travel Photographer

We are honored to invite you and your students to join us for this learning event. We believe it will be a great space for the next generation to exchange ideas with thought leaders in the industry today.

Certificates of attendance will be given to students who join the travel talks.

Interact and explore relevant topics with our local travel community. We look forward to having you on board!

Explore Philippines Magazine
Telephone Number : 02-567-1750 local 608
Official Television Station : CHINATOWN TV


Recently, a new mobile application was launched, Findr. What’s good about this application is  that you easily filter what you see. It’s sort of a gateway to be in-the-know of what you’re interested in.

The launch was done at Green Sun’s The Eye. As the millennials would say, the event was LIT. I could really feel the techie and youthful vibe of the event because of the smart and creative use of light and sound. Kudos to the production team! (Nagfeeling bagets narin ako!). 

With Findr, you can easily see the latest events, products, or even discounts on things that are relevant to you.

There is so much clutter and negativity in the online world now that sometimes, just being online can give me a headache and bad vibes. With Findr, I can skip  all the negativity and so straight to the fun!


In the event, we also got to meet Findr’s celebrity ambassadors, Rocco Naccino and Morisette Amon who enthusiastically told the crowd how Findr was fit for their lifestyle.


At your fingertips

By fusing some features of Google+, Facebook, and Foursquare with Findr’s platform, being on top of your social life becomes possible with just a few clicks!

Findr’s main goal is for people to interact face to face rather than just meeting online—taking people from the hyper-stimulated online world, and reconnecting them to the real world with people of the same collective interest.

It’s so easy to get started. By logging in through your Facebook or Google+ account, you can invite your contacts; accept group or contact invites; start creating groups; and plan activities. Done? Now you can start posting events, chatting, and interacting with the people in your network. Whether you’re planning a garage sale, a food crawl, a fashion show, or an art event, you can easily post the details and let your contacts know about it. Your contacts can then instantly let you know whether they’re going to the event, or their way, or already at the venue. You can even track where they are at the moment!

For safety purposes, in order to join a group, Findr, requires you to input the group CODE.

The people behind Findr

Findr is the first consumer application developed by Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation, a Philippine-based company with offices in Iloilo, Ortigas, and Singapore. The company offers Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking and Monitoring solutions for all public and private transportation services as well as asset management for businesses engaged in the hauling, distribution, sales and marketing, and mapping revolution. They aim to deliver these effective solutions at an affordable cost.

The company has been developing the application SafeSat GPS Integrated Systems (SafeSat) with most of their clients in the logistics and distribution businesses. SafeSat is composed of a fleet and personnel monitoring system, an inventory and warehousing system, a POS System, a fleet booking and dispatching system, and a parking system. Currently, they have more things being developed in the pipeline.

The company is led by Salvador Silva, Jr. III, MBA (Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer), Prof. Enrique Soriano III, MBA (Vice Chairman and Lead Strategist), Dr. Bobby Gerardo (Technical Consultant), and Prof. Alfredo Tayo III, CPA, MDM, CESE (Strategic and Financial Adviser) with a technical team, directed by Co-Founder and Technical Manager Angelo Kaufmann, focused on the overall development of Findr.

Expand your universe with Findr. Let the socializing begin!

A talk on skin care by Amway’s Artistry PH

Hello dear readers. 🙂

If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I have very sensitive skin. For those who just happened to read this article, allow me to explain, and also also elaborate more.

A few years back, I was diagnosed with eczema. The first few years I experienced it was a nightmare. I had dry, bloody, oozing patches on my limbs and a super flaky and reactive face. I couldn’t wear makeup for the longest time. I felt ugly and unattractive which affected my self-esteem. Thankfully, my situation gradually improved and it eventually became “dormant”, meaning I don’t experience breakouts that much—and when I do, it’s only minimal.

What did this experience teach me? That taking care of my skin is crucial. (I learned a lot of specific things relating to skin care, but I’ll reserve those for other entries) Before having eczema, I didn’t pay that much attention to my skin. I had naturally fair, smooth, problem-free skin that people often complimented. I took it for granted. I don’t do that anymore, which is my this skincare talk by Mrs. Olivia Fernandez of  Artistry was quite fitting for me.

Here are some of the things I learned from the talk.

Most sensitive part of the skin? Any guesses?
The eye area. This why there is a specific kind of cream for moisturizing the eye area, apart from the rest of the face. This is also why there is such a thing as an eye&lip makeup remover. Make sure what you use doesn’t sting the eye area!

Some Factors that contribute to skin aging: 

The Sun! Don’t forget to wear non-comedogenic sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVAs.

Free Radicals from Pollution! Protect your skin from free radicals by putting non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Gravity! The downward pull of Mr. Gravity contributes to the sagging of skin. So when putting on product or washing your face, do so in a upward circular motion so you don’t contribute more to the sagging effects of gravity.

For more tips, contact Amway Philippines and attend their talk on skincare—



We were given a chance to try their skincare and makeup line. (SO.MUCH.FUN.) Here are some of the products I tried, as well as how my skin looked after I used them. I tried their Hydra-V line as well as their Artistry Essentials Pore Cleansing Masque and  Artistry Essentials Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.


Here is my face, completely cleansed and makeup free! My face felt so light and fresh

And now my face  was ready for foundation.

Just a bit about their foundation from their website:

Your key to round-the-clock, natural-looking perfection begins with our breakthrough Color Lock technology. No matter the activity, heat, or humidity, perfectly calibrated pigments are expertly time- and climate-controlled to constantly know their place, and stay there for up to 24 hours of comfort wear. Now, every minute of every day, it’s always your moment to look perfectly flawless.

With Artistry Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation 

I hope you enjoyed reading my article! More than skincare and makeup, Amway’s health products ranged from nutritional supplements, home care, and body care.

Visit Away Philippines online:

Soban K-Town: Happiness at the grill!


In the heart of Eastwood Mall, Libis Quezon City (2nd Floor) is a gem of a Korean restaurant, Soban K-Town Grill. I’ve actually passed by this restaurant a couple of times, but sadly didn’t get to try it.

From the outside, the restaurant looks super industrial, as if you’re eating in the city streets. Super cool! The fences separating one table from another set the look of the place.

Unlike my sister (Instagram: @lizeatingadventures), I don’t crave for Korean food or smokeless grills that much. After eating in this restaurant (thanks to Aldous  for the invite), however, my affinity to Korean food has dramatically increased. Surely, I will eat here again!

Not only is the food good, but the staff is very efficient and helpful. This one is actually the pioneer branch—-thumbs up for a job well done!

The restaurant is under The Happyfoods Group (the same people—sisters Diana Tan-David, Donna Tan-Ng and Dorothy Tan-Dee —who brought Sariwon Philippines). They developed the concept of Soban K-Town Grill with Sung-Rah, an award-winning restaurateur from Korea. The owners were very kind and accommodating during our time there.

Here are a couple of the things I tried as well as my notes on them:


I’m looking forward to visiting this restaurant soon! What an experience.


On the other hand…

Christmas, a time for giving, is just around the corner. If you want to help our less fortunate, buy yourself and your loved ones Team Aldous Food Blogging Group sweatshirts. All the proceeds will be given to charity. How to order? Simply drop us a message at


Soban K-Town Facebook ; Instagram
+63 9951358453 | 02 4418460






Tara na sa Bossing’s Grill!

Looking for a casual, affordable place in Quezon City where you can pig out after a long day at work? Well, search no more because Bossing’s Grill at Ali Mall, Cubao has got you covered.
Bossing’s Grill is brought to you by the same people who brought to you the famous Uncle Cheffy.

The UC Group is composed of: UNCLE CHEFFY – The Best Brick-Oven BBQ and Panizza; KUSE – Traditional Filipino Cuisine; Larry & Mau Diner; Bossing’s Grill; Market Basket– Modern Dampa; Chefs’ Barrel– Dining and Pub and the CHEFS QUARTER  CATERING SERVICES.

The restaurant has a rotating menu, but there are the regulars such as their signature Bacon Sinigang (how unique is that?). Here is a sample of what you might see if you decide to pay them a visit.

Bossing Grill, Cubao Menu
image from


To go straight to the point, their food taste like your typical comfort food. It’s not award-winning, but it will definitely satisfy your cravings and appetite for the night. If you’re looking for a place to hang that serves super low-priced Filipino food, this place is for you. Super sulit sa 299! 🙂

Gising na gising ang sarap sa Lea and Perrins Manila Championships

I’m a big fan of worcestershire sauce. I love mixing it with grilled steak and sukiyaki, and sometimes with ketchup for friend chicken. We actually have a bottle of it at home, so I am very familiar with worcestershire’s rich sweet, salty, and sour taste. Yum! Yum! Yum! 🙂

Attending the culminating Manila leg of the Lea and Perrins Countrywide Cook-off  (now on its 3rd year and 2nd national leg) was an amazing eye opener for me. Last Saturday (October 29) , 12 talented finalist battled it out at Enderun. The special ingredient to make their dishes, gising na gising sa sarap ? Lea and Perrins Worcesterchire Sauce of course! Now I know that I can creatively use Lea and Perrins Worcesterchire Sauce on much more dishes than I am used to.

The lively event, hosted by Ms. Kristine Dera (90.7 Love Radio), was very engaging even to the other attendees (including relatives and family of the contestants, media, agencies and people from Lea and Perrins, people from Getz Brothers, etc.) because of the live feed of the hot kitchen, and also the different games and video presentations. I am happy to say that I won in one of the games wherin ingredients of various dishes were flashed and the audience were ask to guess the dishes that ingredients created. My dish was Chicken Barbecue! I got to take home a gift pack. Yay!

With host, Ms. Kristine Dera of 90.7 Love Radio 

Another thing that I liked about the event was that I was allowed to enter and watch the contestants in action. (very iron chef vibes).  Here are some of contestants side by side with their entry.

Here are all of the the dishes that were entered in the competition.

As with all competitions, no matter how good and talented all the contestants are, there has to be named winners. So for the Lea and Perrins Manila Leg, here are the winners.

(Apart from taking home a trophy and a gift bag, the area’s grand champion, first runner-up, and second runner-up each received P25,000 pesos, P15,000 pesos, and P10,000 pesos, respectively. The money prize is exempted from tax.

The 12 finalists were chosen from some 50 aspirants who joined the pre-judging event at Robinson’s Galleria where they presented their signature dishes.

 The culminating activity of the competition is the Metro Manila cook-off. Prior to this, the caravan of Lea & Perrins: Isang Kutsara Nationwide Cooking Challenge Year 2 visited six cities namely, Albay, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Iloilo, and Cebu,

Each area had its own cooking grand champion and first and second runner-up who won tax-free cash prizes, a trophy, and a special gift bag.

Non-winners were given consolation prize money, a plaque of participation, and exclusive gift packs from Lea & Perrins.)

LEA & PERRINS ISANG KUTSARA NATIONWIDE COOKING CHALLENGE YEAR 2 METRO MANILA LEG WINNERS ( L- R ) MR. JEFFREY ROXAS – Marketing Manager, Getz Bros. Philippines 2ND RUNNER-UP – Leonardo Cruz with Simple Beef Stir Fry with Lea & Perrins MS. KRISTINE DERA – of 90.7 Love Radio ( Event Host ) CHEF MIA YAN – Advisory Chef of Kraft Heinz Philippines AREA GRAND WINNER – Kathleen Lachenal with Lea & Perrins Tangy Barbecue Ribs MR. CHARLES MENDOZA – Country Manager of Kraft Heinz Philippines 1ST RUNNER-UP – Julianne Yuki with Crispy Pata Tim Ala Lea & Perrins MS. MARICEL QUEVEDO – Senior Brand Manager, Getz Bros. Philippines MR. KENNETH OCHIA – Brand Manager, Getz Bros. Philippines
2ND RUNNER-UP – Leonardo Cruz with Simple Beef Stir Fry with Lea & Perrins AREA GRAND WINNER – Kathleen Lachenal with Lea & Perrins Tangy Barbecue Ribs 1ST RUNNER-UP – Julianne Yuki with Crispy Pata Tim Ala Lea & Perrins


With there corresponding prizes: 2ND RUNNER-UP – Leonardo Cruz with Simple Beef Stir Fry with Lea & Perrins AREA GRAND WINNER – Kathleen Lachenal with Lea & Perrins Tangy Barbecue Ribs 1ST RUNNER-UP – Julianne Yuki with Crispy Pata Tim Ala Lea & Perrins
BOARD OF JUDGES ( L-R ) MR. JEFFREY ROXAS – Marketing Manager Getz Bros. Philippines, CHEF MIA YAN – Advisory Chef of Kraft Heinz Philippines MR. CHARLES MENDOZA – Country Manager of Kraft Heinz Philippines
Contestants with their family & friends, the judges, people from Getz Brothers, and Kraft Heinz Philippines

I definitely enjoyed this event and look forward to the next one! 🙂 🙂 🙂