A Perfect Fit

Fairy Tale Exercise

Write a lyric poem in which you adopt the persona of a character from a fairy tale. For example, you could describe the way Snow White feels while she sleeps inside her coffin, or how the Prince feels as he holds Cinderella’s glass slipper in his hand.


I figured it’ll be interesting to delve in the mind of the Cinderella and the Prince.

Photo taken by Jel Tordesillas

A Perfect Fit by Jel Tordesillas 


Alas! I’ve found my one true love

Heaven sent her from above

Of all the lovely maidens in the ball

An angel came and made me fall.

The moment she laid eyes on me

I stopped. Forgot reality

Her shiny gown falls second to

The girl who wears it. Yes, it’s you.


Alas! I’ve found my one true love

The prince I dreamt chose me above

All the ladies in the row

Now I really love him so.

The clock struck 12, I had to run

The moment stopped and I was done

Back there, a souvenir was left

It glittered through the dark and depth.


I almost gave up hope to find

The one I danced with just past 9

After a 100 maidens tried

The slipper fits the bonefide.

  My love, why did you have to go?

I loved the maiden not the show

My heart beats wildly for what’s inside

Now I have found- my love, my bride.


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