A talk on skin care by Amway’s Artistry PH

Hello dear readers. 🙂

If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I have very sensitive skin. For those who just happened to read this article, allow me to explain, and also also elaborate more.

A few years back, I was diagnosed with eczema. The first few years I experienced it was a nightmare. I had dry, bloody, oozing patches on my limbs and a super flaky and reactive face. I couldn’t wear makeup for the longest time. I felt ugly and unattractive which affected my self-esteem. Thankfully, my situation gradually improved and it eventually became “dormant”, meaning I don’t experience breakouts that much—and when I do, it’s only minimal.

What did this experience teach me? That taking care of my skin is crucial. (I learned a lot of specific things relating to skin care, but I’ll reserve those for other entries) Before having eczema, I didn’t pay that much attention to my skin. I had naturally fair, smooth, problem-free skin that people often complimented. I took it for granted. I don’t do that anymore, which is my this skincare talk by Mrs. Olivia Fernandez of  Artistry was quite fitting for me.

Here are some of the things I learned from the talk.

Most sensitive part of the skin? Any guesses?
The eye area. This why there is a specific kind of cream for moisturizing the eye area, apart from the rest of the face. This is also why there is such a thing as an eye&lip makeup remover. Make sure what you use doesn’t sting the eye area!

Some Factors that contribute to skin aging: 

The Sun! Don’t forget to wear non-comedogenic sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVAs.

Free Radicals from Pollution! Protect your skin from free radicals by putting non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Gravity! The downward pull of Mr. Gravity contributes to the sagging of skin. So when putting on product or washing your face, do so in a upward circular motion so you don’t contribute more to the sagging effects of gravity.

For more tips, contact Amway Philippines and attend their talk on skincare— https://www.facebook.com/AmwayCOLORurLIFE/?fref=ts



We were given a chance to try their skincare and makeup line. (SO.MUCH.FUN.) Here are some of the products I tried, as well as how my skin looked after I used them. I tried their Hydra-V line as well as their Artistry Essentials Pore Cleansing Masque and  Artistry Essentials Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.


Here is my face, completely cleansed and makeup free! My face felt so light and fresh

And now my face  was ready for foundation.

Just a bit about their foundation from their website:

Your key to round-the-clock, natural-looking perfection begins with our breakthrough Color Lock technology. No matter the activity, heat, or humidity, perfectly calibrated pigments are expertly time- and climate-controlled to constantly know their place, and stay there for up to 24 hours of comfort wear. Now, every minute of every day, it’s always your moment to look perfectly flawless.

With Artistry Exact Fit Long Wearing Foundation 

I hope you enjoyed reading my article! More than skincare and makeup, Amway’s health products ranged from nutritional supplements, home care, and body care.

Visit Away Philippines online:


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