My Fab Five: What I wear when I don’t feel like wearing makeup

Like many people out there, there are days when I’m just so lazy to put on makeup. Also, because I have eczema, there are days when I can only put a small amount of makeup. Bad timing if I have to attend an event or party on that particular day. (#panic #malas #badtiming)

I finally figured how to deal with this dilemna. Here are the five things I turn to when: 1.) My skin is acting up; 2.) I am very, very busy; and 3.) I am very, very lazy or 4.) I want to give my skin a break but I still need to look presentable. There are days when I also completely scrap makeup—this is necessary, in my opinion, to maintain healthy skin.

My Fab Five:

1.) Kate Powder Foundation: I just put this on the eye area to cover my eye bags and to highlight that area. I also put powder in the nose area because it tends to get oily.

2.) Kate Blush RD-1: To look fresh and polished, I turn to this product. It makes my skin glow.

3.) Lip Balm– Since my lips is prone to chapping, it is essential that I wear this.I also wear this on “no makeup” days.

4.) Medium Colored Lippie: For this set, I put Pink Sugar’s Desire, but you can swap it with a medium colored lippie that looks good on pictures.

5.) Eye brow Pencil: Fixing your brows can make all the difference.

Of course, if your doctor says no makeup—please don’t wear any! Your skin’s health is the priority. Always take care of your skin. Also, remember to REGULARLY remove your makeup at the end of the day.


Read my next article showing how I do it. 


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