Halili-Cruz School of Ballet : 30 Years of Artistic Excellence

Ballet was a very big part of my childhood.  I was spellbound by everything that it had to offer—from the pretty costumes, the performances, the dances…down to the steps they taught us. I gained many friends from ballet, and many memories as well!

A big chunk of my ballet years were spent dancing in Halili-Cruz School of Ballet. The school was founded by founder, multi-awarded Artistic Director, Shirley Halili-Cruz, together with the strong support of its equally outstanding Associate Artistic Directors, Grace Garalde-Perez, Anna Kathrina Halili Cruz-Bueno. Though my last dance with them was 15 years ago (Gaaaaah. Time flies!), the moments that I spent in the studio are still very vivid. I will probably remember them always!

Some pictures from the past: (click pictures to enlarge)

If you’re a young teenager who’s into dance. I strongly recommend you try ballet! Not only will it give you a load of wonderful teenage experiences, it will increase your strength as a dancer, whether you would want to focus on or try other forms of dance in the future.

If you’re a mom with a young girl, I also encourage you to enroll her to ballet! She might just thank you for it. 🙂


The Halili-Cruz School of Ballet (HCSB) has been considered as one of the best ballet schools in the Philippines. It has been awarded as the “Most Outstanding Ballet School in Asia” from 2000 to the present. The school has successfully represented the Philippines in different international festivals and competitions in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Brunei, South Korea, Russia, England and the USA.

The main studio is located at 1227 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines that houses 5 studios with a total dance floor of 550 square meters and a vast quadrangle where kids and parents can hang out. HCSB has branches at Saint Pedro Poveda College, Miriam College, Saint Mary’s College and Alabang Country Club.

To date the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet has garnered more than 300 national and international awards and prizes, among them are:

· Hall of Fame, Aliw Award as Best Classical Dance Company in the Philippines
· 8- time Ani ng Dangal Awardee for its international achievements
· People’s Choice as the Most Outstanding Performing Group
· Grand Prize Winner in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Thailand, Singapore, Hong        Kong and the Philippines
· Grand Prize Winner in the 21st Century International Dance and Arts Festival and                   Competition in Genting Highlands, Malaysia
· First Prize in the Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, California, USA
· Global Excellence Award in Bangkok, Thailand
· Best Performance in classical and contemporary dance in the Bauhinia Cup International    Dance Competition in Hongkong
· Global Pinoy Award



Marciano’s has one of the best Beef Strogranoffs I’ve tasted! Yum!

Maraciano’s (owned by Marvin Augustin and partners—same brains behind Sumo Sam, John and Yoko, Balboa, Akira, etc.) recently relaunched their original Italian-American menu last July. Marciano’s is named after the great Italian-American boxes, Rocky Marciano.

The restaurant’s interior is  sophisticated but welcoming, like something people would probably see in uptown NYC. It has a laid back feel that’s perfect for long conversations with friends and family.


This is what I ordered:
Meal:  Joe Dimaggio Beef Stroganoff 
Drink: Lychee, Lime and Honey 


What I think: (click pictures to read my input)


As trivia, the head chef of Marciano’s, Gorgio Bucciarelli,  hails from Italy. The pasta that they serve are made fresh daily, and can be either made out of lemon or spinach. How cool is that? (Note: One of the best-selling pastas is the Legally Blonde, but sadly I couldn’t try it because I’m allergic to shrimp.)

The staff of the restaurant are very friendly, efficient, and accommodating.

All in all, my gastronomic experience was very satisfying and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be back.

Visit them in Greenbelt 3 (Level 2)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcianosph


Sfera PH Fall-Winter 2016 Collection

A Boho-City look for the occasion. 

Earlier today, I was lucky to have attended the launch of the Sfera PH 2016 Fall-Winter Collection.

With my blogger friend Issa. 

(Sfera) is a Spanish fashion brand under Madrid’s renowned El Corte Ingles Group of Companies and opened its very first store in Asia in the Philippines in 2014, at the heart of Metro Manila, on the second floor of SM Makati. In 2015, they opened stores at the 2nd Level Mega B of SM Megamall and in the new premium mall of the south, on the Upper Ground Floor of SM Seaside City Cebu. In September 2016, the brand opened up its first department store corner at The SM Store in SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The premium fast-fashion brand offers clothing lines for Men and Women and is known for being able to stay on-trend every season while maintaining its good quality of clothing and rather affordable prices.

I have been a fan of Sfera for a while now. The brand features chic and wearable clothing a “lazy fashionista” like me can sport. I was really excited to see the new collection and I was not disappointed! There are so many pretty and edgy pieces to choose from, with looks varying from 80s rocker, classy (Gucci-inspired), and minimalist. I was really drawn to the classy, girly bit of the collection, though the other looks also caught my attention.

Here are the pictures I took from the mini-fashion show that was held at the event.


After the fashion show, I was super pumped to shop. Not that I need any prodding for shopping. Hello?

Trying out some pretty dresses. Geez, can I just have them all already? 

Like the fashion-obsessed person I am, I took pictures of some of the looks I liked from the display. So gorge.


What I bought. 🙂 I’m so excited to wear them.

Thanks so much Sfera PH for an awesome afternoon!



Lazy Fashionista Style Hack 1: The Slightly Loose White Blouse/Shirt

Outfit 1
Outfit 2

When I am super clueless or lazy to think of what to wear, I turn to the, “slightly loose white shirt”. This somehow makes what I wear more chic, plus it’s slimming. I like to make sure that it’s a good quality white shirt—it’s something I invest in. It’s better if the white shirt has a unique pattern(see outfit 2), embroidery or cut (see outfit 1) in order to add an “ooomp” to your look.

I pair the white shirt/blouse with a statement bottom that lifts up the look because of its print, style, etc. I also try to accessorize as much as possible. It’s always a good idea to invest on good looking accessories  that you can match with a variety of outfits.

For more ideas on how to look good, even when you’re lazy (or super busy!), keep on reading thelazyfashionista.com. Follow me on facebook and twitter: lalazyfashionista.

My Five-Product Makeup Ritual Deconstructed

In my last article, I mentioned five products that I use whenever things like my schedule or my skin don’t permit me to put on much makeup (see article).I decided to do another entry on it showing how it actually looks like as I put on the products. 🙂 I hope this additional info helps.

Click the picture to enlarge and to see my notes.


What’s your shortest makeup ritual? What are your go-to products? Share below in the comments. 😀

I’m done! Easy-peasy. 🙂

My Fab Five: What I wear when I don’t feel like wearing makeup

Like many people out there, there are days when I’m just so lazy to put on makeup. Also, because I have eczema, there are days when I can only put a small amount of makeup. Bad timing if I have to attend an event or party on that particular day. (#panic #malas #badtiming)

I finally figured how to deal with this dilemna. Here are the five things I turn to when: 1.) My skin is acting up; 2.) I am very, very busy; and 3.) I am very, very lazy or 4.) I want to give my skin a break but I still need to look presentable. There are days when I also completely scrap makeup—this is necessary, in my opinion, to maintain healthy skin.

My Fab Five:

1.) Kate Powder Foundation: I just put this on the eye area to cover my eye bags and to highlight that area. I also put powder in the nose area because it tends to get oily.

2.) Kate Blush RD-1: To look fresh and polished, I turn to this product. It makes my skin glow.

3.) Lip Balm– Since my lips is prone to chapping, it is essential that I wear this.I also wear this on “no makeup” days.

4.) Medium Colored Lippie: For this set, I put Pink Sugar’s Desire, but you can swap it with a medium colored lippie that looks good on pictures.

5.) Eye brow Pencil: Fixing your brows can make all the difference.

Of course, if your doctor says no makeup—please don’t wear any! Your skin’s health is the priority. Always take care of your skin. Also, remember to REGULARLY remove your makeup at the end of the day.


Read my next article showing how I do it. 

Pinác UP Town Center: A wonderful Kapangpangan treat.

If you’re a fan of Kapangpangan cuisine, then you might want to give this restaurant a visit. UP Town Center, Katipunan has a huge selection of restaurants to choose from and I am glad to have tried this delicious treat! <Yay! Thanks Aldous for the invite>! This is their only branch. UP Town Center has a number of restaurants that are only available in  this particular mall which makes the mall awesome.

The restaurant is not small, but just as a side note, when they open another branch, I hope they add 1 or 2 function rooms where people can celebrate birthdays with family and friends. The restaurant has a homey, family feel with Filipino touches all around it. As a trivia, some of the restaurant’s wood is actually from old Pampanga churches (cool, noh?).

Let me give you a tour via the mosaic gallery below (click the images to enlarge 🙂 )


FYI, Pinác offers a buffet option during lunch, so lucky for you if you’re near the area. 🙂

from their Facebook.



To start of, let me just say that I’ll definitely be back. 🙂 They have a ton of dishes to choose from:

From their Facebook.  You can just zoom it. 🙂

Their Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Potato Chips is so addicting. It’s definitely crispy, but not hard on the teeth. I like how it’s flavorful, but not overly flavored. Good job! ❤

Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Potato Chips

Their Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas is a winner! It’s very fresh and tasty that it made me consumer 1 1/2 cups of rice. <Oh no!haha>  My only comment is that I wish they would have taken out the seeds. We had to take them out while eating, which was kind of a hassle. Overall, however, awesome job 🙂



Crispy Tadyang is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. I try to eat it in moderation though because of the fat content. However, whenever I would like to indulge myself in a Filipino meal after a long day, this is my go-to dish.

Piñac doesn’t have this exact dish, what they have is Smoked Tadyang with Yellow Mango Chutney (I am allergic to Mango so I had it taken out—which they gladly did). It was a really big serving (we took some of it home). I really love contrast of the soy sauce with the vinegar vegetable mix. I must admit, I missed the crispiness of the beef, but overall I was super happy with this one.

Smoked Tadyang with Yellow Mango Chutney
Suman, Turon & Panna Cotta, and Flat Top Smores. Smores is deifinitely my favorite.




On Shiseido: Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment

from: shiseido.com

I have been eyeing the Shiseido Lip Treatment for quite a while, but deferred buying it because it is quite expensive. It costs PHP 1700++.

Recently, I did buy it and I am glad that I did. It almost instantly made my chapped lips soft and smooth. The moment I used it, I immediately did a happy dance because I knew I had made a good purchase.

I now use it before I put on my makeup and before I sleep. It’s magic!

In general, I buy Japanese makeup because of the quality, but this is the first time that I have bought Japanese skin care. It looks like I’m going to stick to buying this!

Is it a kikay kit regular? Definitely. 😍😍😍

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cheaper lip treatment alternative, look up Aquaphor or Blistex.

Do you have a good lip treatment brand you want to recommend? Share below in the comments.

from: shiseido.com