Kanebo Lunasol: The foundation that got people wondering

lunasol-product-shotI am very particular about the foundations that I use. As I mentioned in my previous article, I have eczema so I am extra picky about the makeup that I use. I am so happy to have found Lunasol by Kanebo. With this foundation, I don’t have to do much with my makeup, except put this…and wallah! Airbrush like finish is already a check. <insert happy dance!>

The foundation easily disappears when I put it in my skin, hurrah for the perfect shade.

I’ll cut the chase by chase by saying that this foundation is quite expensive (for me anyway). It costs PHP 2,700, but it’s super worth it because a little amount goes a long, long way.

The foundation got people complementing my skin. My mom used it the other day, and her friend told her how smooth her skin looked. The secret is now out. haha! 🙂

What’s your favorite foundation? I’d love to hear from you. Share below in the comments.


Image from: lunasol-net.com
with Lunasol. I love the glow! ❤
Without Lunasol. I’m lucky I have smooth skin, but for events and special occasions, I need to put something to give my look a little boost. haha! 🙂


I am by no means a makeup expert or an artist, but I do know what works for very sensitive skin. Hopefully, my entries on makeup will be able to help other people who can only wear minimal makeup, but still, with great results! 🙂 


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