5 Reasons Why Musicals are <3

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I don’t sing.


I can’t sing, which is why it’s strange that I’m a fan of musicals. I memorize the lyrics and stuff, and can  probably attempt to sing them—but it comes out more like reciting a poem.

There are probably a lot more people who can relate to this sad, sad, reality. <insert crying smiley, haha!>

I’m lucky that I live in a country (the Philippines) that patronizes musicals. The Philippines has their share of local productions which have, in recent years, escalated in terms of number and quality. Hurrah for Philippine Theater! Smile  There are four main musical production houses in the Philippines: 9 Works Theatrical, Atlantis Productions, Resorts World Manila, Repertory Philippines. These are the ones I am familiar with anyway. So far I’ve watched: The Sound of Music by Resorts World Manila, The King and I by Resorts World Manila, and West Side Story by Atlantis Productions. 

We’re also so lucky to be included in some Asian and World Tours of foreign theater groups. This way, we don’t have to buy plane tickets to watch them perform. I have been fortunate enough have watched Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables. 

…so why am I sooo in love with musicals? Read below to find out.

1.) It’s Live!

No matter how great the special effects in movies are, nothing beats watching something live! It can transport you into the story, and affect you in no way a movie can.

Seeing the actors sing live, dance their hardest, and move with energy is such a high. It’s as if, as an audience member, you somehow absorb the adrenaline onstage.

Not to diminish the value of the good movie. I love movies! I am movie buff as well. I guess both are special in their own way. For one, you can watch a movie as many times as you like—once you have the dvd!

2.) The Production!

It’s so much fun seeing another world on stage. The production, of course, helps in this aspect. Phantom of the Opera has got to have one of the most jaw dropping productions ever.  Still can’t get over the chandelier. Oh, and the costumes!

3.)  The Music!

The notes seem to have such an emotional/inspiring effect on me.  I love how beautiful the melodies are.  Sometimes, when I need to get in the mood for writing, I actually listen to musical numbers online. haha.

4.) The Words!

Since I love to write, I tend to pay close attention to a song’s words. In my opinion, for a song to be great, both the music and the words have to be beautiful.  Bravo, bravo to musicals for making great melodies and great lyrics.

<Sigh…so beautiful>

This, of course, is just a small sampling of the beautiful songs that Broadway has.

5.) Lessons Learned

…or realizations after (or during) watching it.  No matter how distant a story may seem. (Hello? Beauty and the Beast?) The emotions and trials that a character goes through are still relatable.

Or sometimes, the production itself is just inspiring. The dance numbers in West Side Story just make you want to get out of your seat and join them.

What do you guys love about musicals? Share below in the comments.


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Musicals are <3

  1. I am a gigantic fan of musicals, but like you I can’t sing. Everyone has been telling me “if you love musicals so much, how come you are not going to make a career in it” and I always tell them I can’t sing. But what you said is right on point. I have how a musical tells a story through song, dance, and spectacle. I especially love the emotional connections, which is what makes a musical unique. In my opinion, the only way I love a musical is good music. If the songs are bad, the show fails and if the songs are good, the show triumphs.

    I prefer musicals over plays because in musicals I have a better connection to the characters and story. That is because there is something about song that makes you connect so much better then words alone.

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    1. Hi there! Thank you for taking time to read my post. What was the last musical you watched? 🙂 Yup, the songs in musicals really make me emotional, too! They lift up my mood and even help me in my writing. 🙂


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